Listing in the Pulse+IT Directory is a three step process:

  1. Create a user account
  2. Create the listing
  3. Payment - Pulse+IT will then activate your listing

The Pulse+IT Directory is a self-service platform and the following instructions are comprehensive, however Pulse+IT is happy to assist organisations to get their user account and listing setup if you have any trouble.

Support queries: Simon James: +61 2 8006 5185

1. Create a user account

Before you can create a listing for your organisation, you first need to create a user account.

NB: The Pulse+IT Directory system is completely independent of the databases for the Pulse+IT eNewsletter service, and the Pulse+IT website (i.e. subscriber access). Even if you have an account on one or both of these platforms, you will still need create a user account on the Pulse+IT Directory system to create and manage your listing.

  1. Visit:
  2. Click: Sign up (top right hand side)
  3. Click: Create an account now
  4. Enter all details including your address. These will be used on invoices generated by the system so it is important they are recorded correctly, otherwise GST will not be calculated correctly.

Tip: It is recommended that you use your work email address as your username as you are less likely to forget it!
Ownership of listings can be changed to someone else in your organisation at any time.

  1. Click: Submit
  2. You will receive an email to confirm the account - click the link in this email
  3. Log in using the details you have just registered

2. Create the listing

Now that you have a user account set up in the system, you now need to create your listing.

  1. Click: Advertise
  2. Click: Comparison Chart to compare the three plans available (prices shown exclude Australian GST of 10%). The key differences are:
    • Bronze listings can only be listed in 1 category, whereas Silver listings can be listed in 3 and Gold listings can be listed in 10.
    • Bronze listings won't be randomly featured on the Pulse+IT Directory homepage.
    • Bronze listings are restricted to a 1000 character limit description.
    • Bronze listings are limited to 3 keywords, which assist people searching the site to find listings.
    • Silver (1) and Gold (3) listings allow the organisation to run classified ads on the Pulse+IT Directory.
    • Silver (3) and Gold (10) listings allow the owner to host documents, such as case studies or other PDF resources, on their listing.
    • Listings are displayed in Gold / Silver / Bronze priority order in category lists and search results.
  1. Click: Order Now (at the bottom of the desired plan)
  2. Select the primary category for the listing. You can change this at any time once the listing has been setup and can also list in additional categories under the Silver and Gold plans.

Tip: Additional categories can be added to the Pulse+IT Directory (by Pulse+IT) if the existing options aren't sufficient for your organisation.

  1. Click: Submit
  2. Enter the following information, keeping in mind that most fields are optional and the listing can be updated at any stage, so keep it simple to start with!

Tip: Your logo can be added in later and a screenshot from your website homepage will be added automatically by the system in the meantime.

  1. Title = Organisation name

  2. Logo (will be scaled to 250px wide or high).
  3. Categories (additional to the primary category selected previously)
  4. Short description
  5. Description
  6. Phone
  7. Fax
  8. Address line 1
  9. Address line 2 (optional)
  10. Location: Select the country and if Australia, select the state
  11. City (i.e. Suburb)
  12. Website (ensure http:// or https:// is used at the start)
  13. Email: usually a sales related email address for inbound enquiry
  14. Social media profiles if desired

3. Payment

In order for the directory listing to be made visible to the public, we first need to arrange an invoice to be sent to your organisation. Please let us know via when you are ready for your listing to be made visible to the public and we will send you an invoice from our own accounting system (not via phpMyDirectory) and activate the listing. 

Bundled services

Now that your organisation is an advertiser with Pulse+IT, you are entitled to complimentary website advertising linking to your listing on the Pulse+IT website. Email through your logo as an EPS or other vector format and the banners will be created and uploaded to the Pulse+IT website.


Q) How do I pay for my organisation's listing in the Pulse+IT Directory?

A) A Pulse+IT staff member will send you an invoice and payments can be made using a credit card, paypal, or via direct deposit. Please send an email to to request an invoice.