Pulse+IT does not provide any definitive specifications for our eDM service; ultimately it’s your HTML email — we just send it.

However it is suggested that the email artwork doesn’t exceed 600 pixels in width and doesn’t include any unsubscribe links or other ‘why did you get this email’ information as we add this ourselves.

Testing your artwork in MailChimp

Pulse+IT uses MailChimp as our eNewsletter software and it is a requirement that you test the HTML file using this system before submitting it to Pulse+IT to avoid artwork resubmission charges. If your eDM artwork needs to be re-submitted due to problems with your HTML file, an administration fee of $100+GST will be charged for each revision.

This is not to say you should use MailChimp to create the HTML file — any HTML editor is fine so long as you are crafting code that is compatible with popular email clients, like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail, as well as mobile devices.

You can establish a free account (https://login.mailchimp.com/signup) on this service and following these instructions will replicate our internal process to ensure repeatability when we send it out:

In MailChimp

  1. Click: Campaigns
  2. Click: Create Campaign
  3. Click: Email
  4. Enter: Campaign Name = e.g. eDM Test Campaign
  5. Click: Begin


  1. Click: Add Recipients
  2. Select your dummy list / sample contacts
  3. Click: Save
  4. Click: Add From
  5. Enter: From name (not important for artwork testing purposes)
  6. Enter: From email address (not important for artwork testing purposes)
  7. Click: Save

  8. Click: Add Subject

  9. Enter: Email Subject (not important for artwork testing purposes)
  10. Click: Save

  11. Click: Design Email


  1. Click: Code Your Own
  2. Click: Import from Zip
  3. Select the zip file
  4. Click: Upload

Send a test email to yourself, check in multiple email clients, and rectify any issues.

You can also run an inbox inspection from within MailChimp, which will allow you to see how your email will look across a larger range of email clients than you will likely have access to yourself.

Submitting to Pulse+IT

When supplying the HTML file to Pulse+IT, you can either include the images within a zipped folder and email this to us, or host these images yourselves and have the HTML file you supply us with (via email in a zipped archive) link to them on your server.

Please submit the following at file least four days prior to your eDM date to give us enough time to send you a test eDM:

  1. Email subject line
  2. The HTML file / zipped archive
  3. Your mailing list criteria

eDM files should be emailed to hello@pulseitmagazine.com.au

Did you design your campaign in MailChimp?

As mentioned above, you don't need to create your HTML file in MailChimp. However if you did, please refer to the following instructions, which explain how to easily share your email template with Pulse+IT.

  1. Open your Campaign
  2. Click: Edit Design
  3. Select: Template > Save this design as a template
  4. Click: Return To Campaign
  5. Click: on the Monkey (top left)
  6. Select: Brand > Templates
  7. Click: On the dropdown menu (grey arrow) next to the template name
  8. Select: Share
  9. Enter: Emails = hello@pulseitmagazine.com.au
  10. Click: Share Template

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